The Crane Wife is based on the Japanese folk tale retold by Odds Bodkin. Through traditional Japanese wisdom and beautiful imagery, this cautionary tale reminds us that greed can consume a person's soul, that trust is what holds a relationship together.

The idea for this performance came to me a few years ago when I rediscovered a childhood book with Japanese fairy tales. Since then I have become fascinated with Japanese aesthetic, culture and theatre. Chikamatsu Monzaemon's ( Japanese playwright, 1653-1725) statement that "Art is something which lies in the slender margin between the real and the unreal" has come to represent my view of theatre, and especially of puppet theatre."

The Crane Wife is adapted and directed by Margarita Blush; assisted by Betsy Tobin and Robert Blush; puppets, scenery and costumes designed and created by Dimitar Dimitrov and Petia Dimitrova; music composed and performed by James Hoskins; performed by Margarita Blush, Robert Blush, James Hoskins, Betsy Tobin and Gregg Tobo.

The Crane Wife is funded in part by the Boulder County Arts Alliance/Neodata Endowment, the Boulder Arts Commission, an agency of the Boulder City Council, the Boulder Library Foundation, the Japan Foundation Los Angeles, and the Puffin Foundation.

What audiences say about The Crane Wife

"I was entranced by the elegance and sublime simplicity of the entire performance. The puppets are works of art and the manipulation of them was so sensitive and smooth. Every element of performance served the story that was itself so beautiful and deep. So much of human nature was conveyed through your production. I will spread the word about your production around the department. Wonderful! We in Boulder are blessed to have such vision and superb execution of artistic vision. Thank you!"

"This was an exceptional performance. The talent on all levels was the best. Deep gratitude."

"Precious quality cultural and artistic experience."

"Excellent on every level. Very moving. Thank you."

"This was a beautiful and inspirational play with a moving message. Exquisite puppets and movement. Truly remarkable!"

"What great fun! What a lot of work! Well done."

"So beautifully done - elegant, touching, powerful!"