Workshops and Classes



Margarita’s professional and teaching practice spans working with people from tremendously diverse backgrounds, identities, nationalities, cultures, ages, levels of experience, education, and economic circumstances. As an educator, she is particularly interested in developing imaginative and inspired 21st century performers and theatre makers through a variety of practical, inclusive, learner-centered classes. Her primary goals are to work with students to develop technique, imagination, creativity, expression, fearlessness, and the ability to create and perform compelling, relevant and original theatre work, while creating a learning environment where everyone belongs.

The practical classes Margarita teaches include:

• Acting and Performance
• Movement
• Devising
• The full spectrum of the Lecoq pedagogy
• Mask Performance
• Shadow Theatre
• Object Theatre
• Script Analysis
• Adaptations for the Stage
• The full spectrum of puppet theatre forms
• Production Planning and Development
• Grant Writing


Shadow Theatre is a practical workshop designed to introduce participants to the world of shadow and silhouette theatre. Students explore a range of traditional and contemporary shadow theatre techniques and work collaboratively toward the creation of short shadow theatre études.

Arguably, shadow theatre is the most ancient form of theatre and media. It has a deep significance in many global cultures. Shadow imagery is profoundly poetic and opens a realm that is unexpected, whimsical, and magical.  

Contemporary Puppetry is a practical class that explores techniques for animation of contemporary/table top/bunraku-style 2-3-person puppets. Using foundational principles for multiple person manipulation and animation as a starting point, this workshop is for puppeteers and movement-based performers who wish to study the art of bringing a figure to life through breath, focus, gravity, and fixed points of intention. 

The Poetry of Objects is a practical workshop designed to awaken imaginative performers and creators of original theatre through working with objects and materials in a realm where puppetry, performance and devising meet.

Participants will be introduced to the world of object theatre and its endless possibilities. They will explore the poetry of the mundane and the possibility to create theatrical expression and narrative through it. They will develop imagination and creativity; ability to work collaboratively; focus; performing and puppeteering skills; and ability to devise and create original theatre work.

Approaches to Theatre Devising is a practical workshop that focuses on exploring methods of creating original theatre. It combines exercises/approaches used in physical theatre and Lecoq pedagogy and my own practice as a puppet and devised theatre creator.

The class is very active, collaborative, and exploratory in nature. It serves equally well the creative artist in any area – performance, directing, movement, design, etc.

Movement-Based Performance for the Theatre Creator is designed to awaken imaginative, agile, alert, and skilled performers through the exploration of fundamental movement concepts, movement-based theatre techniques and devising work. The class focuses on the body as the starting point of expressive performance in order to develop performers’ live performance abilities, and organic and compelling stage presence.

Directing for Original Theatre is a directing course designed to awaken, develop, and prepare innovative directors in the field of visual, object, devised, and puppet theatre in the 21st century. Participants will gain knowledge and skills that will empower and inspire them to fearlessly approach the creation of original performance and to join in with the many theatre companies and artists who are stretching the boundaries of the performing arts.

In this course we explore the conceptual approach of the director-creator through:

Learning and understanding theoretical foundations of theatre directing.
Engaging in practical exercises designed to develop directorial skills.

Mask Theatre is a practical course that introduces participants to principals of working with masks and creating mask theatre. Mask theatre is closely related to puppetry in its unique and dynamic ability to portray the human condition in a both profound and accessible way.

This course introduces students the world of Neutral, Character and Commedia Dell’Arte masks and the techniques needed to play them. Participants will engage in rigorous, yet playful exploration of mask movement and creation. 

Margarita can design and teach workshops and classes, based on specific themes, subjects, and your students’ and organization's needs.