Margarita creates and produces original theatre in collaboration with an ensemble of diverse international artists and organizations.


is a production of poetic visual theatre that was created during Margarita’s fellowship year at the University of Iowa. The show was created collaboratively by the entire ensemble – performers, director, designers, musicians, and everyone on the creative team who wished to give input. It was born out of our hearts, imaginations, and dreams. It is our gesture of love to the world and humanity.

 Ascend breathes and pulsates; it moves the heart, the body, and the soul. It stirs something deep inside of us that cannot be explained, but only felt. It is a cluster of lights and images which allows audiences to create their own constellations. When creating theatre of the imagination, theatre that strives to make the invisible visible, the guiding inspiration is to sweep the audience on a journey and entrust them to engage fully in the artistic experience.


Un-Invisible   is envisioned and created by Ian Farley and Margarita Blush.

Un-Invisible is a one-man clown show that explores themes of identity and freedom. The show combines contemporary clown work with elements of puppetry. The project is driven by the quote “When I discover who I am, I’ll be free” (Ralph Ellison, Invisible Man).

Un-Invisible portrays the journey of a naïve clown character, Yelraf (portrayed by Ian), exploring his personal and cultural identity through the past, present, and future. His own stories will intertwine with historical moments in search of meaning, belonging, and freedom. Forgotten, erased, or slayed figures from Black American history (such as the “Wereth Eleven” soldiers in WWII) will come to life in parallel to the clown’s own life. Together, they will paint powerful image of a contemporary Black man’s life, thoughts, feelings, and aspirations. Humor and woe will juxtapose to take the audience on a deeply felt journey of discovery. The show will invite personal introspections and reflections of the role we all play in the fight for equity and justice.


 Unfolding is a contemporary fairy tale that magically transports the audience through space and time, capturing the journey of a woman as she navigates a life of self-discovery.

A puppet theatre production, Unfolding weaves together nostalgic youth and covetable wisdom to explore themes of female wisdom and empowerment, using moving performance and puppetry, shadow imagery, unique design, exquisitely hand-crafted puppets, and poignant original music.

The Crane Wife

The Crane Wife is a puppet theatre production for all ages, based on the Japanese folk tale, as retold by Odds Bodkin. The show is inspired by Japanese culture and is a fusion of Japanese and Western theatre forms.

Produced, written and directed by Margarita Blush
Performed by Margarita Blush, Robert Blush, Betsy Tobin, Greg Tobo, and David Regan;
Designed by Dimitar Dimitrov;
Puppets hand crafted by Dimitar Dimitrov and Petia Dimitrova;
Music composed and performed by James Hoskins.

The Crane Wife (Yohei)

Goblin Market

Connecticut Repertory Theatre, 2016

Where Are You Going, Little Horse?

Theatre "Zavesa", Sofia, 2006

River Story

Boulder, CO, 2008

The Ragged Princess

Theatre "Zavesa", Sofia, 2005


The Auspicious Adventures of an Improbable Princess

2018 Now Or Never Theatre

Shadows & Journeys

2007-08 Now Or Never Theatre

The Red Chair  

2017 with Jelena Prljevic


Margarita's works have been made possible with generous funding by The Jim Henson Foundation, Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation in partnership with the National Endowment for the Arts and the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Puffin Foundation, Ltd., Japan Foundation Los Angeles, Asian Cultural Council, Connecticut Office of the Arts, The Boulder Arts Commission, Japan Foundation New York,  Theatre Communications Group (TCG), Puppeteers of America, Boulder County Arts Alliance (BCAA), Boulder Public Library Foundation, and Asian Cultural Council (ACC).