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Creating Theatre Experiences

On Margarita's work:

Unfolding simply seems perfect, and I don’t give out such high marks easily. The aesthetics are so delicate they make you weep, and yet the truth the piece reveals will strike you hard in the gut. It’s a deeply tragic moment when Aya’s paper flower gets flopped downwards into a broom, and the butterfly turns into a duster, as life turns imagination into practicality. You realize then that underneath the calloused skin of every mother lives a fairytale princess who can still fly. And Unfolding is undoubtedly a fairytale—the best kind there is, because it shows not only truth, but also hope.
-Ran Xia, Theatre is Easy

On Margarita's teaching:

“She knows so much! She puts you in the class, in the work. Leave everything else at the door. Her knowledge is fascinating and she is always willing to learn from us, too, which is so engaging”

“After this class, I think that anything is possible!..”


"Art is something that lies in the slender margin between the real and the unreal"
Chikamatsu Monzaemon

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