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Margarita Blush


Creating Theatre Experiences

On Margarita's work:

“In its unique ability to marshal the aesthetic of the "uncanny," puppetry as a theatrical form at once creates the sense of distance from, yet proximity to the human body, which effectively opens up a space for radically re-imagining our experience of the world. Its power lies in its ability to disrupt conventional habits of thought, momentarily interrupting the everyday, while remaining visually tied to its references. It is this aesthetic power of puppetry as an art form that Margarita Blush so deftly masters which turns this extremely innovative and highly original production (Unfolding) into a form of High Art.”
Peer Review

On Margarita's teaching:

“She knows so much! She puts you in the class, in the work. Leave everything else at the door. Her knowledge is fascinating and she is always willing to learn from us, too, which is so engaging”

“After this class, I think that anything is possible!..”


"Art is something that lies in the slender margin between the real and the unreal"
Chikamatsu Monzaemon